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Sea fastening equipment

Especially for sea transport

Sea fastening equipment makes sure that heavy material doesn’t shift during transport on sea. Even under extreme circumstances.

We handle the correct fastening of your material on a vessel. These are complex projects, where a large number of involved parties has to be taken into account and involves the handling of large and heavy objects.

Jansen Venneboer handles the projectmanagement, design, production, assembly and disassembly of the seafastening equipment. Also, we supply the reports that are necessary for the certification of this equipment by the Marine Warranty Surveyor based on the GL Noble Denton guidelines.

Especially for this we deliver a complete report:

Design of the seafastenings
Structural strength calculations 
Arrangement drawings
Analyses of sea conditions (stability and hydrostatic analyses)
Handling procedures for loading and unloading your equipment

Recently we completed an order for a German client. This incorporated the engineering and production of seafastening equipment for the transport of heavy material for the construction of a  converter station for the Borwin and Helwin windmill parks in the North Sea. This station will be built 150 km outside the German coastline.

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